Torrance Facts

Area: 20.49 sq. mi.; 12,312 acres

Latitude: 33 48' North, Longitude: 118 20' West (Torrance Airport)

Altitude: 87 feet above Sea Level at City Hall

Annual rainfall: 12.55 inches (Average)

Temperature: Min. 54.20o

Mean: 64.60o

Max: 75.00o

Prevailing winds: Westerly

Mean hourly wind speed: 7.2 mph

City Founded: 1913

City Incorporated: May 12, 1921

Named All American City in 1957

City tree: Cork Oak (Quercus Suber)

City flower: Hybrid delphinium


Historical Weather

NOAA Southern California Climate -- Historical

Irving Gill and Early Torrance History


The following chart lists the decimal population of Torrance from 1920 to 2000. Since Torrance was established in 1912, the first decimal census was taken in 1920. Torrance was incorporated in 1921, one year after the 1920 census. The population for 1920 comes from Alanna Noyes "The Population of Torrance in 1920 as Depicted in the Federal Census." All other population numbers are from the Los Angles Almanac (,

Other current statistical information about the city: land area, current population, city employees, number of police and fire personnel, largest employers etc. may be found each year in the "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report" located at the reference desk.

Year Population
1920 1,649
1930 7,271
1940 9,950
1950 22,241
1960 100,991
1970 134,968
1980 129,881
1990 133,107
2000 137,946

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